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When I was a young girl, too often I was told that my dreams were too ambitious and my aspirations too bold. Many women I know share this sentiment and have struggled to overcome pressures to settle or simplify their dreams. I am on a mission to be the voice and resource for girls and young women who are in this position and provide them with the strategies and tools to overcome these challenges on the journey to adulthood. 



Jaisa is a youth motivational speaker specializing in empowering young women to lead. She is a Gates Millennium Scholar and alumna of University of Hawaii at Manoa where she received a Bachelors of Business Administration in finance and international business, in addition to serving as the student speaker for her graduating class.

Using her background in student leadership and experience working at competitive Fortune 500 companies, Jaisa delivers powerful messages that are relevant and beneficial to audiences of all genders and backgrounds. She is a highly praised speaker who has delivered presentations to diverse groups of young people, empowering each group with stories that inspire and strategies that address the unique challenges aspiring leaders face in the transition from adolescence to adulthood. She speaks to audiences at middle and high school assemblies, as well as colleges, conferences, young adult seminars, and more.

Jaisa also serves as a leadership development mentor for girls and young women, helping them to discover their passions, define their aspirations, and create the foundation needed to pursue them to fruition. Her areas of focus include creating consistency, overcoming failure, and perfecting public speaking. She is also an invaluable resource for parents, as she is always willing to provide the support needed to raise confident, ambitious girls.

When she isn't speaking, you can find Jaisa buried in a book, bringing the heat on a basketball court, or coming dangerously close to burning down her home with her amateur candle-making.


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  • Do you have a desire to lead and a willingness to learn how to manifest your potential?
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